Friday, May 19, 2006

and my hand

i have a habit of leaving little notes for myself. sometimes i find these notes.

i found one just now that i had written about my story and it fits in perfectly with my previous post. in my excitement of starting a new novel, i did what i have done many times before, which was list all my characters. i never use these lists. here's what i had written:

-Self-aware tragicomic cynical independent discontent bored asexual male. He’ll be your main character.
-Sentimental idealistic spiteful female. She’ll lead the plot.
-Diversion-seeker manipulative female. She’ll fuck up the plot.
-Frustrated strong-willed calculated megalomaniac male. He’ll make fucking up the plot enjoyable.
-Guilty secretly obsessed female. Throw this crap in.
-Meek witness witty male. This too.

i've already switched tracks about four times since writing this. i'm not sure if i'm going to make my narrator an asexual. think about how many subplots i would be denying. in fact, i think i even took the tragicomic bit out, too. and the discontent thing.

the spiteful female has turned into soul galore. her character is still in flux.

the second female was completely forgotten. maybe i'll add her in later.

the villian was going to make this story. unfortunately, i realized that most good books don't have villians.

that crap i threw in sounds better to me now. i'm not sure how witty i want any secondary characters to be, though. they should know their place.

okay, to be fair to me, i've just found a commentary i had written about those characters. the only thing you need to know is that the phrase, "less-than-inspired" came up.

right after that, i provided an excellent summary of the situation, or setting if you'd like, where my story starts:

The situation stems from the logical conclusion that, if we managed to make a spaceship (stay with me here) capable of traveling really long distances, the travel time would be far longer than the life expectancy of any crewmember. To work around this, you get the crewmembers to fuck the other crewmembers.

i then saw how silly this whole science fiction theme might seem to some people, so i went into a rant about dan brown and how people won't even need to trouble themselves with reading his book after the movie comes out.

my next note has remained very true throughout the starting process:

Anyway, my first problem is that I have no plot. It looks like I do, but I don’t. This is a big problem, but I’m going to ignore it for now.

yeah, so here's my spaceship:


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