Monday, May 29, 2006

form letters

Dear Writer,

As per your request, I have compiled as much information as I could about the publication, Temerity, without actually attaching past copies. Temerity is an unauthorized single page monthly paper that is distributed via a network of supporters. Its contents are defamation at worst and antiauthoritarian propaganda at best. Its manifesto (included on each copy) states, “Distributed for the upheaval of assumptions. As long as we are fair game, everything else is.” Its main features are straightforward. There are varying columns cropping up here and there, but nothing is very continuous. It has been known to reveal confidential or private information pertaining to professors, administrators, and students. As such, it is much loved or hated by the student body. The School Newspaper often addresses articles from Temerity in its editorials.

Yours truly,

The Writer


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