Sunday, May 14, 2006

ground rules

the titles mean nothing. i'm shit with titles. you should see the title of my novel in progress.

novel in progress. writing guides and amateur writers always call their stuff WIPs, for Work in Progress. they're really fucking right. it's work. real writers don't like writing. i'm a fake writer, and even i don't like writing. as of this date, i have finished no serious bit of writing, yet i keep plugging away, even though i hate it. the reason for this is that i'm not good at anything else.

i have a plan. i write a book, it becomes fabulously popular, i sell the movie rights, and i don't have to work a day in my life. from then on, i'll keep writing books but i'll release them for free because i'm idealistic and i think intellectual property should be free.

obviously, i have a back-up plan.

plan b: i get a job that requires very little thought and i write when i get home each day. (i'm still a lazy student, but i have worked before. no really.) if i get published, i get published. i probably won't, but it won't matter. as long as i finish a book, i'll be happy.

hopefully, i'll find the middle-ground between the two and finish my novel before i have to work. if i have to work after that (which i will), then i'll proceed to plan b.

i notice, now two posts into this time-waster, that i'm going on and on about writing, yet i haven't managed to properly capitalize a damn thing. this is how i write casually. i use capital letters with a bit more frequency in my real writing. this is how i distinguish.

get it?


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