Sunday, May 28, 2006

here it is

Dear Writer,

As per your request, I have looked into information pertaining to Urban Sinclair. He is a junior studying journalism. His grades have been relatively good. He had been the “star” writer of The School Newspaper of The University until he quit last year. Information detailing why, exactly, he quit, has proven difficult to obtain. He is frequently at the Buy American Restrictions Bar where he meets and organizes with contributors to the controversial publication, “Temerity”. He is said to be one of the main editors, but the paper only publishes articles under pseudonyms. His personal relationships are not numerous. He has a small group of close friends but has been known to go for days without talking to anyone. His high school records are marred by disciplinary actions taken against his disruptive behavior. He is not well known at The University.

Yours truly,

The Writer


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