Sunday, May 14, 2006

the inevitable

the word blog gives me such negative feelings that it's sort of depressing taking any part in them. a while ago, i had a small blog that was well-liked by a few strangers because it chronicled my experience in an interesting setting. a lot of authors will tell you that this is all you need to write good stories. a decent character in a curious setting. this is not true. we'll get into these issues later.

the reason why, against my better judgment, i've decided to fall back into the fray of blogging is only for myself. it helps to consider that there is a possible audience. if it's just for me, i don't need to write it down. i'm one of those people who thinks they know what they're capable of, even though nobody really knows what they're capable of.

i'm not really here to vent my emotions or go on about my opinions. i'm here to arrange my ideas as i take on that pedestrian pass-time of novel-writing. i don't like telling people that i'm writing a novel. it's almost as bad as saying i blog. now i'm doing both and it's eating me up inside. anyway, i figure i can write all the stuff here that i shouldn't write in the book but will help me take the next step.

right, so to reiterate, the point of this whole mess is so that i can organize my thoughts about my novel. i also have cats. and sweaters for every day of the week. no, to be honest, i'm not really in any sort of stereotype, but i do try to be easily associated with in my writing style.

that's about it.


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