Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my two struggles

(and neither of them are ethnic groups)

anyway, the first struggle is my work area. my chair sucks and i can't write from bed. i have no money, so buying a new chair is not really possible. this might not sound like much to you, but my creative focus is very weak and anything can throw it off.

the second struggle is working out plots. i can come up with oodles of situations, but no real middle or end. this isn't true, i can come up with the other bits, but they come out really hackneyed.

i'll give you an example: here's what i worked up for the introductory plot for my latest story.

"Administration begins investigation into member of Temerity to the point that they suspend him and are threatening to expel him if he doesn’t reveal cohorts. Temerity staff begin counter campaign. Ends with media outcry that fixes everything."

wow, i can't use any of that. so what am i going to do? well, i've started coming up with other ideas.

i'm up a certain type of creek now (not of the hygenic variety), so i'm going to go out and find something to eat for lunch.


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