Sunday, May 14, 2006

nevermind. say something

i really get a kick out of curious things. the title of this post is from "what in the world" by david bowie. it's damn good, in a pee-wee herman sort of way. i like pee-wee herman a lot more, in that respect. i can't really reproduce that sort of creativity, though. i'm actually quite self-conscious about it.

i've tried to fix this. i've tried writing after sleep depravation. i've tried to write while high. i've tried to write while drunk. i've tried to write after taking a gulp of absinthe.

i'll explain my findings for each of those experiments:

sleep depravation - lack of concentration, objectivity
high - lack of concentration, care
drunk - lack of being able to type, read, or stay awake
absinthe - gagging, nearly throwing up, burning sensation in my throat, regret

i also can't write in the morning. i'm a right idiot in the morning.

my story is very down to earth. even though very little of it takes place on earth. i get a kick out of the science fiction elements of the story. i love using the word earthling.

"Nobody hipped me to that, dude."


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