Sunday, May 14, 2006

the next best thing

i'm telling you, the titles mean nothing.

i don't mind that i'm posting so many things in a row. i'm not using this as a journal (diary, whatever). i write, and one of the tools at my disposal is visual separations. it helps the reader a lot. believe me, reader. i know.

by now, i've usually moved onto a new train of thought, and the white space above this line would tell you that. unfortunately, i'm still on about visual separations.

enough of that. it would be pointless for me to go over the plot of my novel. the truth is, i don't really have one, and if i did, i'd be too embarrassed to share it. it would suck. that's why i didn't try to come up with one.

my favorite author (aside from myself) uses graphs to describe the action and mood of stories. this is the graph for mine:

look, it's like a cinderella story at the end. i just realized now that i made a silly mistake. that's not the graph for my novel. that's the graph for the entire series of novels under the same story if i ever finish the first one. the first one ends, you could say, at the first dip. the rest was just a bunch of random ups and downs. the end is all that matters, but, as i've said, it won't come up for quite a while and you don't have to worry about it. i'm sort of talking to myself, in that respect.

i'll tell you one thing, though. i've written a lot of stuff. i usually have fits of writing where i'll get about 5000 words down and never want to see the story i'd started ever again. this story, though, has about 1500 words, and i have yet to see anything too problematic with it. it's insanely short because it's been very difficult to write. usually, i find it quite easy to start out. i think it's a good sign that it's been this hard. i was on my fourth rewrite before i even got to the third page. it took me weeks.

baby steps.


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