Tuesday, May 16, 2006

oh no dear

i sometimes fear that my different moods affect my writing way too much.

like now.

i got drunk in the afternoon. i took a nap. i smoked. and now i'm going to deprive myself of sleep, once again. in the morning, i'm going to walk to the store and buy cheap energy drinks.

how's that for self destruction?


dialogue is a shitty task for me, but when i've been up for this long, it comes out with a bit of a creativity. granted, it makes no sense, but it sounds like it's going somewhere.

My eyes opened for the first time in three hundred years and I saw a golden face.
“Hello,” she said. “I’m Soul Galore.”
“That’s super,” I said. “What year is it?”
I don’t remember exactly what year she told me it was. I’ve lost track of time. Some people go crazy without having a sense of time, but I find it’s the other way around.
“I’m from your time,” she told me.
“Uh huh,” I said. Then I became irate. “I think I’m going to kill you if you stay around me.” I think I meant it.
It was probably the effect of stasis that made me act that way. They’ve said it shouldn’t have had that effect, but I know they’ve been wrong about the side effects. I wasn’t supposed to go into stasis as a heterosexual and walk out as an asexual. But I did.
Go figure.

i guess i'll just have to wait. maybe something better will come to me.


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