Sunday, May 14, 2006

to whom it may concern

this title means something.

it's the first line of my novel. i like it. i'm sure it's been used before. it's unapologetic. if i could sum up the entire concept of my novel in one word, it would be unapologetic. i actually determined that before i wrote a single word of the first draft.

i don't recall exactly how i decided upon the idea, but i thought i would take something common and put my own personal twist to it. i fell upon science fiction. my story has been done a million times before, and as such, it cannot be deemed unoriginal. if i tried to write something completely different, it would, invariably, be done already.

we're all plagiarists. we've lived lives that have been lived a million times already. our ideas have already been thought. even those of us who are quite unique, like those thinking the government is reading our minds, are just joining a huge crowd of folks who all came to the individual conclusions that the government has a vested interest in our boring thoughts.

that would be the worst job i can imagine. government thought sifter.

back to my situation, though. i don't write science fiction. i never have. i've written some literary fiction, some stream of consciousness, some stuff i couldn't classify. this one, though, is unapologetically science fiction. it has spaceships.

it mainly ignores this, though. people are people, whether they're on a spaceship or bicycle.

i'm not sure how much i could write, though,

if it took place on a bicycle.


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