Monday, May 15, 2006

a very small group of people

life is always the most hectic when i want to write.

i'm busy.

i would say that for just that reason, i won't be posting or working on my novel, but i'd be lying. once things calm down, i'll stop writing. i'm lazy. i'll do anything but work. i'll even write.

and now for something completely different: character naming is an arduous, pointless task. snowcrash proved the second part of that. the first part involves sifting through names for something that doesn't remind me of anyone i know.

in one of my early drafts, i had my main character, who is also the narrator, named nat. i'm not liking that anymore. since it is sci-fi, i can name him whatever the hell i want. i've written about someone named urban quite a lot, so i might just reuse that. all the main female characters in my stories always end up named gabby. i've decided to avoid that here. i have the perfect female name lined up. it's almost too good to share.

soul galore.

ok, so it might not strike you as the most practical, but it's going to be an affectation. i love affectations. i love reinvention, especially of the personal sort. i also love good old fashioned rhythm and blues. hence the name, soul galore.

soul galore, urban sinclair. they mesh in a very new-age sort of way. that said, i've been throwing around the idea of making my main character (we'll say urban) an asexual. it will remind me that i'm no good at writing romances. i'm sure freud would have something to say about that one. the following is the pinnacle of my romantic writing:

Maxwell bought the car with his own money. It was a Peugeot 202 that was made not long after the second big war, the one in which Maxwell’s grandfather had fought. He fought in the war, not the car.
“It’s so cute," she said.
“It doesn’t have any seatbelts.”
“Neither does life,” she said.
“Then what’s health insurance?”
“For people who don’t know how to take risks. Anyway, you couldn’t insure this, could you?”
“No, but I drive slowly.”
“I can’t imagine it going any other speed."



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