Sunday, June 04, 2006

almost to the starting line

my last few posts haven't had much substance, so i thought i would go into a bit more detail, which will hopefully clear things up for me.

my new story is, as i've said, a development on an old idea of mine. this old idea was to write about the second coming. yep, jesus coming down and judging all of us.

jesus was going to come down and do pretty much what it said he was going to do in the bible. (except for the stuff he lied about, like it happening in the apostles' lifetimes.)

when i originally thought about it, i wasn't sure how to frame a more specific, character-driven story within the overarching concept.

when i think back on it, i probably could have just let things roll, but it would take a lot of research into all the passages of the bible. i know, the bible isn't all that long, but it's such a horrible read. when i read bits of it, all i hear is, "this is the dumbest shit in the world and so many people believe it!" it's basically how i feel about the da vinci code.

to be honest, i was originally willing to do some research, but, if any of you would like to look into it, all of the passages contradict each other. that's why nobody really talks about it. (except fundamental US protestants, but they're crazy. they thrive in contradiction. and urine.)

so now, instead of framing character whatnot in the whatsit, i've taken a shortcut. i'm not going to divulge everything, but it involves most of the concepts i've thought about from the start of this record. jesus is not an alien, but the idea was toyed with.

yet, after all that, i still need the character frame thingy. i've been looking for a start, but after that, i have, what might just be, a very brief, simple outline. that, ladies and gentlemen, is a first.

i'm thinking of a completely inconsequential beginning plot that sets the tone for me to destroy. twice.

it's going to establish a character or two, put them in a nasty bind, and let my natural deus ex machina run wild.

it's just like the bible. sure, jesus will save you, but after that, you're heading right for a sea of fire. unless you don't believe in that bit.

"Urban Sinclair stars, with guest appearances by Jesus THE Christ, a space station, the author, and many other favorites!"


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