Sunday, June 04, 2006

as of this moment

i have 5 characters under my belt. i can write these characters. i even like some of them.

3 of them are based on real people.

1 of them is based on a historical figure

2 of them are people from my life

1 of them is someone i haven't said more than a sentence to. expect this character to speak as much.

okay, so i know i'm not letting much information out about anything, but i have three reasons.

1. publishing issues and dispersal of information
2. it's going to be a surprise! to you! maybe!
3. i'll get discouraged if i put it in audience-voice too early

okay, let me go over THAT, now. first, i don't want you piranhas stealing all my ideas because hell knows i would. secondly, i might decide to publish my chapters in serial form. this is a big maybe, so don't get your non-existent hopes up. thirdly, i write notes and stuff to myself in forms that i'd be embarrassed if others read. even when i write my less-than-inspired posts here, they are designed for an audience, no matter how not real that audience may be. that's why i post here. so i can get that voice and that manner of thinking.

let's take it from the top, then. 5 characters, right? right, but not one of those bares the name Urban Sinclair. i have a list of names. under each name is a list of personal attributes. the five are all comprehensive, but Urban is still a nothing. i've had ideas, but i ruined them by giving them to other characters. i'm glad i did this, in retrospect, as i want to create an original character for Urban.

still, who the hell is Urban?

i've been writing for a while now, and i still don't have any specific characters. i want a character that can be reused. i want something distinct.

it will come


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