Monday, June 05, 2006

i'm very sorry

but i'm going to talk a little bit about politics and religion as my subconscious considers what my MC's personality will be like.

a lot of people really like 1984. i do not. it's unplausible and poorly written, like all orwell stuff.

then we have bush's second term and orwell is left with only one fault. how dare bush make orwell's stuff better!

i'm so fucking tired of politics, that i don't give too shits if bush decided to attack iraq, iran, canada, ohio, whatever. he can make stupid the new smart. i won't care.

but when he subverts our basic freedoms, he's gone too far. he just explained that he needs to outlaw gays* "because activist courts have left our nation with no other choice."

(*it's easier just to say this)

no other choice. i don't know if that was a line from 1984, but if orwell was a good writer, it should have been. that's what i think of when i think of a police state. crime is too prevalent, we need to put everyone in prison. we have no other choice.

then we have the whole "nation" thing. america is not a nation. it is a state. white europeans are a nation. native americans are a nation. africans are a nation. america, if it had to be described as a nation, would be a conglomeration of every nation. we're all represented in the nation of america. there is no common descent. we are gay. we are straight. we are black. we are white. we are muslim. we are christian. we are everything and everything in between.

bush is confusing his nation of white, christian, old money, "straight" people with the state he's supposed to be running. or maybe he's not confusing anything. maybe he's dead-on. his nation of christian retards would be opposed to ACTIVIST courts. on that note, he also demonized activism. that's great. if there was a presidential election right now between bush and big brother, i would not only vote big brother, but i'd put one of those signs up for him on my lawn. i'd put a big brother bumpersticker on my car.

people are so willing to let it all go, though, so when you get something as absurd as this, people will think, well, he's not a democrat, he has to be right. as someone who is not a democrat, please, people, don't let this happen to america. america was such a good idea! but in every generation, a group of idiots (surprising number of christians) has to try and ruin everything. our founding fathers were not christians, keep that in mind. they thought christianity was for stupid people. it was not the concept of america. if any religion was, it was deism. there's no passage in the non-existent deist bible that says gays or blacks or jews or anybody isn't as good as everybody else.

i'll tell all you american people right now, party politics and religion will be the death of you. if we resurrected all the founding fathers, gave them guns, and put them in a room with the administration and congress, or let them at fox news or john kerry or whatever side you're on, the founding fathers would all commit suicide. it's too late. they've won. abbie hoffman was absolutely right. i'm just glad he didn't have to see just how bad it got.

it's scary.

back to writing, i'd like to take this time to admit that my novel will be horribly anti-religious. i'm going to write religious people as they are. murderous, idiotic, and blind. i think so little of these religious retards that i won't even make their stupidity my theme. it's just a given.

i'm not an athiest, but if i have to choose between a god that's as big an asshole as yours is or none at all, i'd choose none.

your christian, jewish, muslim, et al gods, they're all dicks. not only do they come across as less than omniscient, they come across as less than intelligent. they're petty, violent liars.

i know that a lot of religious people are good, but they are either consciously or subconsciously blanking most of the bible and history of their religion out of their mind. it doesn't agree with a life of goodness.

but you christian folks can sleep at night because my novel will say you're all absolutely right. jesus really is god, his son, his mother, his dog-walker, whatever the hell you believe in. i'll say you're absolutely right.

that's when the fun starts.

if all this sounds like a big attack on your beliefs, forget it. go back to church and get your two minutes hate in.


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