Sunday, June 11, 2006

things i'm thinking about instead of writing

-how i bought "Sprite Z" instead of normal sprite by accident

-how i have to get a blood test on tuesday

-whether i should try to make a gin or vodka martini

-that damn sprite

-whether john lennon wrote better songs when he was in the beatles or after

-i mean, after the beatles, you're hard-pressed to find a song without the word "yoko" in it

-oh yoko, standing on a corner just me and yoko ono, everybody's talking about john and yoko, hold on yoko, aisumasen yoko, dear yoko, happy christmas kyoko (it counts)

-what the songs would sound like if yoko was replaced with cynthia (lennon's first wife)

-whether to eat my stir-fry noodles today

-whether i could pull off putting the word "yoko" into my everyday speech.

-'yeah, i'm just going to eat my yoko noodles. they're pretty much like regular noodles but with the word "yoko" in front'

-maybe i could turn it into some sort of cockney rhyming scheme.

-anyone up for a mug of hot yoko? it's on the yoko ono of 5th and madison

-my toes look stupid


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