Friday, June 16, 2006

too many characters

most people follow a certain set of behavior practices and themes. a big one of these is the aversion to dealing with strangers. you get on a bus. the bus is empty except for the driver and one passenger. do you walk over and sit with the one other passenger? of course not.

so when i get my laundry delivered and ask the guy how he's doing, i only want to hear "good, thanks," or "good, you?" but i'll accept what he said to me, which was, "nackered." okay. cool. i laughed politely.

"okay, thanks very much," i said.
"just plain nackered," he said.
"well, good luck."
"and i've got a long night ahead of me, too."
"okay," shutting the door. "bye..."

i know, i know, we're all lonely, and i was being heartless, but first off, my dealings with the overly tattooed guy who delivers my laundry probably won't develop into friendship, and secondly, i can't really understand people here when they talk, so it's hard for me to make small talk with them. getting in a cab is the worst thing ever.

"rymay, warewetayk'nya?" [all right, mate, where are we taking you?]
"to the health clinic"
"zrethialry" [all right]
"it's just a check-up, nothing pressing. don't worry."
"nomay, iwajussayin itsahry" [no, mate, i was just saying it's all right]
"oh sorry, heh,"
"busgudtana yuralry" [but it's good to know you're all right]

that was a few days ago. and that's someone who had english as their first and only language.

and so my story, as it's chugging along (pretty well, i might add) has a multitude of characters i created without any clear relevence to the story who are just waiting to debut. i'm thinking a lot of them won't, though, or at least not for a long time. there's just not enough glue to hold them all together and i don't want to sacrifice them to guest-stardom.


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