Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tuesday's on the phone to me

is it a cop-out to make my character character-less?

one of the ideas i worked out was to make Urban a sort of cold-hearted no-nonsense sort of non-person. the demeaner of an assassin (not the one from the professional). he has no dependencies and doesn't want any.

is this as lame as it sounds to me? i'm running out of options. i want to make my characters different. usually, i just peice together bits of my own personality with bits that i'd like to have in my personality. i'm not going to do that this time.

if only i weren't so damn multi-facetted. it's as if my perfection is my undoing.

the reason why i post this stuff publically is that it gets me to think. while writing this, i've gone through many more ideas than i had thought of in the 2 days i was thinking about it.

i think urban could be a celebrity. an actor. a musician.

we'll see how this works out in an outline.


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