Sunday, July 02, 2006

don't mind nothing if i know

i'm back and i'm not quite on track. i've been falling asleep too early to write. this will change. i intend to get writing soon, but i have been furiously thinking about aspects of my story; where it is and where it's going.

and i'm happy with how it's working out.

before, i was feeling that it was too simplistic, but since last night's brainstorming, i've come up with a way to make it as complicated as anything else.

before, as a matter of coincidence, i had a couple of the characters stop in a mental institution. originally, i wasn't sure what they would do during their short stay, but once i figured it out, i decided i would link a few different characters' psychoses to a singular reality. that might sound confusing, and that might be the end result. anyway, i'm happy with it.

i promise i'll write soon


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