Monday, July 03, 2006

not my day

i know i shouldn't post personal issues, but this one is interfering with my writing.

today, i was supposed to find a job. suffice it to say, i didn't. didn't even look. how's that for resolve?

right, well i would feel guilty about that, but i was hungry, so i decided to make some stir-fry. as i was stir-frying away, i opened the sauce packet and realized it smelled like lemon ass and i decided not to use it. surely, there would be some soy sauce in the kitchen or something. no. garlic salt, even? no. but i found some regular salt and used it. i tasted it, and it still had no flavor, so i rummaged around a bit more. i found some garlic salt. to make a long story short, most of the garlic salt in the container ended up spilt all over my stir fry.

shit, i said. but it was too late. i mixed it in, and tasted it. it hadn't really changed. hmm, that worked out all right, but i was back to square one.

anyway, i decided to eat it as is. it wasn't so bad.

for dinner, i thought, i would have some potato chips. no, i thought, that's not healthy enough. i'll buy some tomatoes, too. so i walked to the store to buy the potato chips and tomatoes, but first, i stopped at the atm, and suffice it to say, i couldn't get any money out.

so now i'm hungry and i have no money and no job. and the light is still out. and i couldn't buy a lightbulb if i wanted to.

some lyrics of songs that have recently randomly played on my itunes:

"you can rely on the old man's money."
"money don't get everything, it's true. what it don't get, I can't use."
"i've tried all I can to understand all the fools and all their money, when half of what they've got you know they never will use. enough to get by suits me fine."

(i know, more song lyrics, but they were strange coincidences)


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