Monday, July 03, 2006

to make up for the last few posts

i'm not going to use a song lyric as a title, ha. and i'm not going to post about my personal life. it's like blogs are a disease. anyway, i'm going to post my favorite bit of dialogue from the story so far. the scene takes place in the mental institution i mentioned earlier (sorry about the lack of indentation, blogger makes that sort of hard):

Karl, who had been passed out, lifted his head and opened his eyes. He looked around.
“Not this shit-hole again,” he said.
Ben laughed.
“Yep, same shit-hole,” said Ben.
“Oh, hi,” Karl said to Ben. “You’re, uh—”
“It’s Ben.”
“Right, and should I know her?”
“No, she’s new.”
“Gabby,” she said.
“I’m Ace.”
“Karl,” Ben corrected.
“Right, Karl,” said Karl.
“Karl’s more sane than all of us,” Ben explained to Gabby. “He’s not only sane in this reality, he’s sane in about seven other realities that he keeps switching in and out of.”
“It’s more of a hassle than anything else,” said Karl.
“So where were you?” Ben asked Karl.
“The other State City. The good one.”
“The one where you fight crime.”
“Yeah, that one.”


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