Tuesday, July 11, 2006

writing forums

oh my.

every single topic has been made before, and all the new topics consist of every single member repeating what the people before them had said. it's like a circle jerk for people who appreciate decorative soaps and porcelain figurines.

and these members are sooooo dull. if i were forced to read a book written by a contributor to absolute write, i would fashion pointed spikes out of the rolled-up pages and stab them into my eyes.

no, but really, some of them have written books. here's a finely titled one: "the pacific between" by some jackass. as soon as i saw that, i wanted to write a book called "the qualifier after; an odyssey into boring, cliched writing."

i said something harmless recently on absolute write. i implied that everyone on the board wrote fantasy stories. someone called that a "tad impolite." i wrote back, "well i'm quite sorry if i hurt your feelings," and guess what? the idiot didn't realize i was being sardonic! "no hard feelings" was the general response i got.

no, no, no. i meant for the hard feelings to get personal. i was insulting you for being a thin-skinned pussy of a human being. not only did i insult you for writing about dragons and fairies, i showed how sad it was to care about being insulted.

i thought of explaining this on the board, but i decided to post here, instead.


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